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Restless Native Productions is the new production company from the founder of the BIFA qualifying short comedy film festival Short Com. As a passionate fan of comedy and genre in film, TV and live performance; Chris Aitken has decided to use his experience as a respected curator and comedy publicist (representing  talent such as Laura Davies, The Delightful Sausage, Fin Taylor, John Hastings, Short & Curly, Stuart Laws & more) and skills as a screenwriter to work with emerging filmmaking, writing and performing talent. 

As a writer he has worked with BAFTA winning and nominated talent as well as Edinburgh Comedy Award winning talent and made several shorts and sketches. He has been in the BBC comedy department for consideration for the Feed My Funny Pilot (as the only unknown). Reached interview stage for Film London Microwave First Feature scheme, top 100 entry for The Red Planet Prize and currently in consideration for the BBC Writers Room New Voices Scheme. (Absolute nearly man or what).   


The company name is inspired by the 1985 Scottish feature film; Restless Natives. It was the film that inspired Chris that the sort of stories he wants to see and make set in Scotland can be made here. Look Local, Think Global is the company motto. We want to produce stories promoting Scottish talent and locations but with the potential of reaching global audiences. We want to create bold; ambitious, funny and memorable content that audiences far and wide can appreciate. Inspiring people that they can have a career in the arts if they have no reference or background in it. Particularly those based outside of London, or from disadvantaged backgrounds or with disabilities. 

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As a film festival producer. We take pride in finding the best and most exciting films by new and emerging filmmaking talent and showcasing these films to our audiences. Not only to entertain audiences but to inspire them.

Restless Native Productions is a registered company: SC747524

RNP is delighted to be one of the 48 production companies to be awarded the Small Indie Fund by the BBC in 2023. It is a tremendous endorsement to help kickstart the company and we look forward to learning from their expertise. 

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